Lao Boutique Travel is a local travel agency in LAOS, providing  multiple foreign language speaking tour guide such as: English, French, Italian, Russia, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, German, etc. We offer many  different kind trips such as: Classic, trekking, relaxation, adventure, but also luxury travel!

Discover LAOS with Lao Boutique Travel, a professional and experienced agency!

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Norakoun your contact on site

Hello, I am Norakoun. I worked as a translator for a long time with European community in Luangnamtha Province, then I was also a tour guide, and I accompanied many visits to LAOS. I am today director  charge of marketing. It is with my team that we will organize your trip to LAOS.

A few fact : Laos

A capital is Vientiane, with 07 million, framed for being the land of million elephants. With one of the finest world heritage sites in Luang Prabang. The Pre-Angkor Wat period-Wat Phu is southern LAOS. Check out the various festivals that happen. Stunning scenery from the mountians in the north to the open totally different beauty of southern LAOS.  Both regions connect by the truly amazing mighty Mekong River as “ she “ flows the length of the country from China to Cambodia border and on to Vietnam. Enjoy a leisurely few days boat trip on the Mekong.

Why travel with Lao Boutique Travel ?

Lao Boutique Travel is one of the only travel agencies to offer multilingual tour guides. Indeed, our guides speak French, English, Spanish, German, Russian … among others! We offer individual or group tour at any time of the year.

Our guides will make you discover LAOS:  You can walk among hundreds of elephants during the Elephant Festival, attend the Buddhist prayers during the Rocket Festival, or celebrate the new year with us for example !.

There is so much to see and do in LAOS that to get the most out of this incredible country one should try to make a trip of at least a week preferably   two or more, so talk to LAO BOUTIQUE TRAVEL that fits not only your time schedule but your budget.

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