Laos Visa Fee


There are two separated costs – Visa approval letter & Visa stamp fees

  1. Costs for Visa Approval Letter

Our arrangement fee for getting the Visa Approval Letter is USD 45 per person including services and fax communications. We require pre-payment before we start visa processing, and kindly note that it is non-refundable if you change your mind not to obtain it later.

  1. Cost for Laos Visa Stamp Fee

This fee has to paid separately and additional to the Embassy (or to the Immigration) for issuing the visa stamp.

In Bangkok, Thailand – 300 Baht (US$per person to Embassy

In other countries – between USD 12-16 per person to Embassy

Upon arrival at Airport/Bridge or Border points in Laos: USD 50 per person to Immigration

Note: If you have booked the package tour with us, the costs of visa approval and visa stamp fee are already included, except the one issues upon arrival.


You can stay up to 15 days after entry. One visa extension for another 15 days in Laos is possible.

Please note that you have to utilize the Laos visa within 2 months from the issued date, otherwise, it is expired.

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